America, Netflix as popular with the term 'movie rental'.

Watching movies, Netflix is ​​the first thing thought of in the head. The last few years, Netflix makes it easier to watch movies. Because they do not have to bother coming to the movie rental place, restore it after the rental period runs out. With Netflix, users simply sit on the sofa of his house.

All it takes only a laptop or cell phone with internet connection. Can also PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, until Android and iPhone smartphones. Everyone can access Netflix. Simply pay a monthly rental of only a few dollars, they are given access to the library's video streaming Netflix movies that reach over 100,000 titles from various genres and eras.

Another way to ask for Netflix to send movies through the mail. Time limited lease month or until there are others who want to rent your movie titles. Netflix's success is a software called Cinematch. This application reads the customer preference towards DVDs they watch. One was to recommend a specific DVD to certain customers, while matching the DVDs that they own stock in their inventory. During the fourth quarter of 2010 ago, Netflix reached 4 million new subscribers.

Total subscribers reached 20 million people. At the end of March 2011, they were optimistic that can grow up to 3.7 million subscribers. Netflix is ​​called a threat to pay TV services, like HBO. Netflix relationship with film studio is unique. Netflix gives millions of dollars in revenue to the studios because they have to pay a license every movie rented.

Netflix would be a big competitor for the American people begin to lose interest in cable TV subscription or purchase the original DVD. Service on-demand video streaming of Netflix is ​​favored because of its simplicity.


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