Chris Brown has apologized after damaging the ABC TV studio dressing room, after appearing on the show "Good Morning America" to promo his new album "FAME". Chris Brown said he was angry because questions about his past. Chris wants more focus on talking about his new album.

"First, I apologize to anyone who is shocked at the office, or anyone who feels offended or right to see, and disappointed with my actions," Brown said. "Because I'm sorry."

Chris explained he tried to calm throughout the interview although very difficult. Chris still can control his emotions when play songs from the album "FAME".

ABC confirmed that Chris was invited to the show 'Good Morning America' to broadcast the song and will be interviewed. "No one talks that will be discussed."

Robin Roberts previously warned to Chris and agreed to talk about his past. He realized that the question would lead to about Rihanna. According to Robin, every time the guest who would appear on his show first notified about the interview material. Robin had to laugh when Chris actually discussing the album. He thought Chris was joking.

ABC still invite Chris to return to "GMA. " According to Robin, his party wanted to provide the best for Chris.


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