Donald Trump on a TV reality show, ready with words of magic to the United States President , Barack Obama. Donald Trump expressed his optimism to win the presidential election in 2012.

As reported by the Associated Press, Trump said he would run in the upcoming election. He even ignored the criticism from many who think his statement is just a promotional event of recent events, Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump denied the criticism. Celebrity Apprentice to win the hearts of viewers without the promotion process. "This event occupies a top position. I do not need hard to achieve it. But this country is very bad. I wish there was someone from the Republican Party that could change this situation. That's why today we need," said Trump.

Trump is still not yet given its official decision until next June. If Trump made ​​up his determination to fight, he will be a businessperson to-4 that enliven the U.S. political stage. Previously, Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson, technology business tycoon Ross Perot, as well as publisher Steve Forbes has tried to compete for the position.


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