Want to try a different atmosphere on vacation this time? Try to travel while staying at the floating lodges. You want to feel it, the following places can be visited:

1. King Pacific Lodge (British Columbia, Canada)

This luxurious inn offers wonderful natural adventure. King Pacific Lodge has 17 elegant bedrooms with large beds and bathrooms. With incredible views from the deck, and spa for a massage.

King Pacific Lodge offers organic cuisine, fresh seafood and wine. Nature in the surrounding area is filled with killer whales, humpback whales, black bears, seals, sea lions, sea otters and eagles. Attractions nature is very reliable.

You can do various activities such as kayaking, beachcombing, heli-hiking, whale watching, and float plane tours.

2. MV APSARA (Kerala Lake, India)

Explore the Kerala Lakes, with eight ships cabin that serves as a hotel. This floating hotel is designed to bring your sense of adventure with comfort. Each cabin has two beds, table and bathroom. With facilities: books, music, movies, television and DVD player as an entertainment.

Food, floating hotel offers a blend of spicy Keralan seafood, local fruits and vegetables. But the chef is more than happy to design a menu that booked in advance.

3. River Kwai Jungle Rafts (Kanchanaburi, Thailand)

Remote location on the river, River Kwai Jungle Rafts opened in 1978. Accommodations are built with local Mon style, offers 55 rooms with twin-walled house of natural bamboo.

Lodging is more stunning with a calm river, and simple oil lamps lit at night. You'll find a long wooden porch filled with chairs and hammocks. Floating restaurant serving authentic Thai food and international food and bars.

Attractions on offer include trekking with elephants, visiting waterfalls, whitewater rafting, fishing and more.


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