Tricks - Skin cancer is easy to detect because the symptoms can be seen from his own skin. Besides going to a dermatologist for a routine check, you can perform self-examination:

An easy way you can do yourself at home at least once a month. When you find there is something unusual, see your doctor:

1) Standing next to the mirror. Keep the body of a mirror so you can see the whole part of your body, including the hard to see.

2) Look at the start of your toe and then slowly began to check the top of the calf, back, arms up to the neck. Are there any marks or stains on the skin.

3) Note the asymmetry, skin surface is not smooth, the color brown, or a mole that increasingly larger diameter.

4) Write down all the details of the symptoms that you find, even the most minor, in order to facilitate analysis of your dermatologist.

5) Do not forget your nails, skin around the genitals, and scalp.


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