Jerusalem - Grad rocket fired from Gaza hit southern Israel town center, Beersheva on Wednesday (03/23/2011) morning.

"A Grad rocket hit the center of Beersheva. A man was lightly wounded from shrapnel and taken to the hospital," said the spokesman.

The rocket hit the road and shrapnel flying into the nearest apartment, and injure people. Other Grad rockets fired by militants from Gaza hit the outskirts of Beersheva on 23 February.

This is the first time since Operation Cast Lead a projectile landed in the middle of town. Beersheva is located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Gaza, Israel is more distant from the city who regularly the target of rocket attacks Palestinian militants.

Tuesday night (03/22/2011), Grad rockets were fired towards the southern port city of Ashkelon, but landed in the south without causing injury or damage.


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