Scientists have discovered the first dinosaur fossil in Angola. Published on Wednesday (03/16/2011) in the Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences described the sauropods, long-necked plant-eaters, the largest creature that walked on earth.

International team identified the body forward from the fossil bones of dinosaurs previously unknown because of the unique characteristics of the framework.

The fossil was found along with fish and shark teeth on the bottom of the sea 90 million years ago. Causing the inventor believes that dinosaurs may have had bitten into the sea and ancient sharks.

New dinosaur called Angolatitan Adamastor. Angolatitan mean Angola giant and Adamastor is a giant sea of myth Portuguese.

Matthew F. Bonnan, sauropod
expert at the University of Illinois, said, "I think they're very careful."This invention can increase the knowledge of how sauropods adapt to different environments.


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