American Times - Evening gown that actress Anne Hathaway worn on Oscar night event, has made ​​the designer stylist Rachel Zoe has been named as the celebrity most influential U.S. magazine, The Hollywood Reporter.

Zoe occupy the top position of poll results made ​​The Hollywood Reporter. Anne Hathaway beautiful gown worn during the evening peak the 83rd Academy Awards with actor James Franco, making Zoe is increasingly recognized and outperformed 25 other well-known celebrity stylist.

Senior author, Merle Ginsberg said, "It's very important for the stylist to achievement, just as designers. But she also had to give clients what they want and Zoe expert in that field. Zoe is also a successful dress up Cameron Diaz, just like Anne Hathaway.

Former editor of Vogue, Kate Young, helped arrange the style of Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman, in second place in the list. And the stylist actress Emma Stone and Hailee Steinfeld, Petra Flannery, was in third position.


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