If you open the google search engine, you will see pictures Harry Houdini, the greatest illusionist of all time who has always shown his ability to get away with extreme tricks.

Magician Harry Houdini was a prominent American. Harry Houdini is best known tricks to escape, among others, to break away from the ropes, handcuffs, chains, and the most famous: Chinese Water Torture trick.

Houdini's final performance took place on October 24, 1926. A day later he was hospitalized and died of peritonitis at the appendix on October 31, 1926.

Harry grew up in the state of Wisconsin, where his father served as rabbi of the Zion Reform Jewish Congregation. According to the 1880 census, the family lived on Appleton Street. On June 6, 1882, Rabbi Weiss became an American citizen. Losing his tenure at Zion in 1887, Rabbi Weiss moved by Ehrich to New York City. They lived in a boarding house on East 79th Street. They joined with other family members.

Houdini claimed that the first part of his new name, Harry, is a homage to Harry Kellar, who admired Houdini. In 1918 he registered for selective service as Harry Houdini handcuffs. Then the title he carried until his death.


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