American Times - Jersey Shore season 4 in Italy to be turned, we already know that, and it seems that the cast is at the head April 18 until June 20

There are also rumors that the producers of new players for season 4 are added. We just hope it's not Angelina and Jeff (the guy who proposed Snooki on the cover of a magazine).

It can be fun to maybe get Ryder (Snooki friend) to come along or someone like Ronnie this season will be considered.

The 3rd Best of Jersey Shore was closed today and many people saw it. But in their mind the season is soon to be 4 which is a lot to expect a higher level of excitement and sexiness.

I watch this show since day one and it was really intense. The drama is spirited and the voices are very hot. There is no doubt that this show will always be on top of the ratings. Thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

they're stupid with that annoying alcoholic midget!(snooki)

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