Google bought the Green Parrot Pictures (film technology company) in Ireland to improve image quality in YouTube video.

Green Parrot Pictures making software to improve the recording by reducing camera shake and improve sharpness.

Jeremy Doig, Director of Video Technology Google says "Recently there are parties from Libya to protest the quality of the video on YouTube".

Software technology will sharpen the image, reducing the visual noise and rendering the video.

Green Parrot Pictures is a small company, discovered in 2004 as a joint effort of Trinity College Dublin and Professor Anil Kokaram as CEO.

Green Parrot Pictures will be integrated into the process of uploading videos on YouTube and is also applied to the lowest recording quality produced by camera phones with low Esolusi.

He studied video processing technology for 20 years and used in Hollywood films like Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man and Casino Royale.

Google said, "Because the number of video creators around the world increases, demand for our technology has evolved. "


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