Haiti News- Jean Bertrand Aristide returned to his homeland. After seven years in exile. Departure from South Africa, Aristide arrives in Haiti, two days before the country's presidential election.

After receiving a diplomatic passport, Aristide said he wanted to go home immediately, if the winner of presidential elections on Sunday to change the decision to allow him back.

Aristide still has many supporters, and last month thousands of supporters filled the street, demanded an end to his exile.

Aristide was forced to leave Haiti in 2004. Rebellion that ousted him from the throne of leadership. Aristide accused the United States was behind the uprising.

Fled from Haiti, Aristide flew to the Central African Republic, but later settled in South Africa.

Before the arrival of Aristide, a former leader of another Haiti, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, newly arrived in Haiti. However, he was prosecuted on charges of torture and other crimes against humanity.


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