London Protest - Thousands of people held a protest in London, to oppose the massive budget cuts the government on Saturday (03/26/2011).

Labour Union Congress, TUC, estimates more than 100,000 people will follow the protest.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said the action was followed by various layers of society: community groups, pensioners groups and public sector workers.

About 600 buses used to transport people from various regions to London. They gathered in a number of points and marched to Hyde Park field.

Largest labor union, Unite, said the number of members who are interested in following the demonstration too much.

Another union, Unison, said the demonstration today is much greater than estimates.

"It would be extraordinary protest, saying the coalition government must stop the termination of employment and public services," said Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis.

Some unions say this protest the biggest in Britain since the Iraq anti-war protest.

The government maintains cutting needs to be done to overcome the huge budgetary deficit. But the opposition Labor Party argues cuts will strangle economic recovery.


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