Yoga - Solution to lose weight? Many people who eventually turned to yoga techniques.

Yoga has many health benefits for the body, such as reducing stress, improve mood, and increase lung capacity. The researchers claim that yoga can eliminate a few pounds of body weight. And also learn the benefits of yoga, when associated with weight-loss program.

One study conducted in 2005, found that yoga can help middle-aged people in maintaining weight loss. The study followed 15 550 (ages 53-57) who reported their physical activity for 10 years. As a result, participants who were overweight and practiced yoga for about four years has decreased as much as eight kilograms of body weight when compared to those who are overweight, but do not do yoga.

Another study found a 12-week yoga program can help you lose weight, as well as reduce anxiety in children at risk of suffering from diabetes. And in a study in 2008, the researchers said yoga training for six months to improve respiratory strength and endurance, but does not show any effect on body weight.

Researchers suggest do light cardiovascular exercises for five days in a week or 8-10 weight training twice a week. Weight loss can be decreased by reducing the number of calories burned, so what you eat has a significant influence on body weight. Remember yoga has many benefits for health, in addition to reducing weight. Also, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


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