iPad - Time Warner Cable will become the first television provider that utilizes iPad application, with the concept of TV (television) live streaming.

According to Rob Marcus from Time Warner Cable, has been focused on cable television remote control and DVR scheduling. The application offers to watch TV cable without any additional cables.

This application displays 30 standard HD TV cable channel. And could point to a high on the Wi-Fi. Time Warner will be available for free via the App Store and available to download.

Time Warner this action because it is not satisfied with the online video systems that are often not smooth in the broadcast. For that with the application on the iPad, expected impressions would be good, just like Netflix that have been free to play movies online.


Michael S. said...

Only 30 channels? As a DISH Network customer/employee I'm already able to watch all my live TV and DVR recordings on the go, without any extra monthly fees. I use it everyday - heck, just last night I watched the latest "Undercover Boss" on my ride back from my uncles place a few hours away. That trip went by so quick.

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