Buell 1190RS - Although Harley-Davidson officially been stopped Buell as part of their business. It also does not make Erik Buell the founder Buell Motorcycle Company dead.

One of the indications are Erik Buell 1190RS Racing which is a version 1190RR Superbike racing motorcycle highway. This vehicle was built by the same company that makes Buell motorcycles.

The engine uses the V-Twin model with a capacity of 1190 cc. It is estimated that there will be in the range of 185 hp. A variety of premium components used to build an exclusive motorcycle weighs 172 kg.

Buell 1190RS will have an amazing price as a consequence. And although Erik Buell has not told its official price. If we imagine the figure of the Ducati 1198R is priced U.S. $ 40 thousand, then in the range that's about Buell 1190RS will play the price.

Americans still have their own motorcycle racing. American-made motorcycle racing. With the creation and the spirit which is owned by Erik Buell, the land of Sam should be grateful to Erik because thanks to their services.


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