Trojan virus began to infiltrate the Mac OSX operating system. In the platform there is an OSX / MusMinim-A, which is Remote Access Trojan (RAT), also known blackhole RAT. SophosLabs, a leading antivirus company, analyze the samples as well as determining what is a RAT.

From the analysis said that the variants of this Remote Access Trojan known to Windows. According SophoLabs, the main threat component of OSX / MusMinim-A is a backdoor, which acts as a partner client-server applications.

Sophos found blackhole RAT Trojans, that they can remove it with Sophos Anti-Virus for the Macintosh that is distributed for free.

According to Sophos by Chester Wisniewski, Trojan basic functionality includes: Placing a text file on the desktop. Send a restart, shutdown or sleep command. Run arbitrary shell commands. Placing full-screen window, with the message that only allows you to click on reboot. Send the URL for the client to open a website. Popping a fake window administrator password to phish target

In its current form, the message will also appear on the command reboot: "I am a Trojan Horse, so I have infected your Mac Computer."

Be Careful............!!


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