Buddhists and Hindus paradise, before leaving for Sri Lanka, you'll want to bring some equipment that can be used and always pay attention to ethics in force there.

1. Ideal clothing

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, choose clothes that fit. For example, casual wear, but polite in the lowlands and wool for clothing in the mountains.

Hats and sunglasses are allowed, but there are some hotels that prohibit visitors wear shorts at dinner.

2. Obey the rules of temple

Never wear footwear and headgear in Buddhist or Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. But there are several Hindu temples which asks visitors to bare-chested men entering their holy places.

3. Bring shoes and sandals

If you plan to spend time at the beach, bring slippers. But to go to tourist attractions and restaurants or nightclubs in the city of Colombo, wear shoes.

4. Ban pornography

There is a prohibition for a woman who posed topless in Sri Lanka, although many German-owned hotel that makes an exception in the region. Ask in advance to the hotel, before you do that.


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