Yorkshire Dales - Cities like London and Manchester have become subscription every tourist on holiday to England. However, there is the Yorkshire Dales National Park is very fascinating.

Yorkshire Dales National Park is one of 15 national parks in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1954. This park occupies an area of ​​1770 sq. km in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Cumbria. What's in there, let us explore?

1. Beautiful scenery with beautiful mountains

Mountains behind the Yorkshire Dales National Park, dubbed as the "backbone of England." But at the bottom is the area of ​​agriculture and rural homes that are still ancient.

2. Know of a tradition

Agricultural areas into the most important part in the Yorkshire Dales which has long made about 7,000 years ago. The lives of the shepherds for more than a thousand years. This proves the Yorkshire Dales rural residents still live traditionally.

3. Flora and Fauna

Yorkshire Dales National Park - Starting from the meadow full of flowers, swamp, valley to a small forest. And hundreds of species of birds can still be found there.

4. Travel relaxed
Walks and biking up to the main road as England Pennine Way, Dales Way and Pennine Bridleway. Plus the beautiful scenery of rural, agricultural areas and Cautley spout waterfalls.

There are many ways to get to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. From Hull and Newcastle is a transport ferry. While From Manchester, Leeds, York and Lancaster provided rail service. Travel to the park can continue by bus.


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