Slim - Do you follow the diet and lose weight and come back to leave the pattern and experienced weight gain? According to nutrition expert Ellie Zografakis, RD, and Dale Huff, RD, CSCS, from St.. Louis, behavioral modification strategy is the right choice than a diet to help break this cycle and implementing lifestyle changes are durable. To help avoid this cycle, follows the principle of changing lifestyle of these experts who can be your guide.

1. Stop dieting. Reducing 500 calories a day for a week can lose weight as much as 1 / 2 kg. Most people can get the same results with a reduction of 500 calories is the way sports and slightly alter food intake.

2. Distinguish between emotional hunger with physical hunger. Physical hunger is a process that appears hungry every 3-4 hours. Hungry as happens when you vent emotion of sadness, excitement, anxiety or boredom you on the food. Understanding the emotion when you satisfy with food can help you find a more appropriate way to handle your needs.

3. Use a scale to measure your hunger level. With this scale, you will be sensitive to hunger and satiety. Use 0 to indicate the level of extreme hunger and 10 as stated level of satiety signals to the extreme. With this scale, start reading the signals from your body. Your target is in the range of numbers 3 and 8. If allowed to 0, you will eat too much and quickly, whereas the brain may take 15-20 minutes to get the message when the body is satisfied. We recommend that you start to eat when hungry are on scale 3 and stopped on a scale of 7 or 8, when you begin to feel full and satisfied.

4. Recognize the physical symptoms. Hunger, mild headache, fatigue, irritability and decreased concentration is a sign that you need an energy intake to maintain your natural weight. You will be able to regulate food intake and avoid overeating.

5. Neutralize food. There are no good foods and bad foods. All good food if consumed in moderation.


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