Diet - Want to lose weight but confused to choose a diet? Crash diets or strict diet may be your choice. This diet is one effective way of slimming the body.

Research shows that most dieters lose weight during the first month, also lower the weight more in the long term. This diet also tend to be more able to maintain their body shape compared to fewer dieters lose weight in the first month.

Researchers from the University of Florida to follow the development of 250 women. The participants were asked to reduce intake of calories and increase exercise time for 18 months. Researchers found that those who lose more than one point five pounds per week during the first month, down more than 14 pounds in six months.

Being participants in the first week only lose less than a quarter of a kilogram per week, can only lose five pounds in six months. Weight loss as much as three-quarters pounds a week, still in the safe range.

"Because the weight gain back to thwart the benefits of healthy weight loss, researchers tried to find out key factors for long-term success. Studies have shown that the rate of weight decrease in the early stages, even within the first few weeks of diet, plays an important role as a picture long-term success, "explained the researchers.

These findings, illustrates that dieters who lose weight quickly will gain a greater weight reduction. Dieters are not at greater risk of experiencing weight gain again.

Nutrition experts emphasize that fast diet like this can cause a deficiency of minerals and essential nutrients. If the potassium and sodium levels down far enough, according to nutrition experts, the dieter may experience a heart attack. If the energy levels go down, your body will start burning muscle, harm the liver, kidney and brain.

Another study states, studies involving thousands of participants found that the effective walking to lose weight.


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