Tips - Berlin as the capital of Germany, has made the revolution. Museum, eclectic galleries, great opera, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs all there. This of course brings its own charm for Berlin and the following quick tips can you do when the opportunity to visit it. 

Interesting places 

Pergamon Museum is a fitting place to see a mix of classical Greek, Babylonian, Roman and Islamic art and architecture and the Middle East. The museum is open every Friday-Wednesday and Thursday. Entry costs 10 pounds. 

To enjoy the beautiful views of the city, you can ride the elevator to the observation deck Panoramapunkt. To see if the Potsdamer Platz is divided into three namely Daimler City, Sony Centre, and Beisheim center. Panoramapunkt with an entrance fee 4 pounds. 

If you want to explore the history of Jews in Germany, you can visit the Judisches
Museum in Lindenstrasse 9-14. In this museum you can learn about Jewish cultural contributions, are also prominent, and the Holocaust. Judisches Museum open Monday-Sunday. Entrance fee charged 4 pounds. 

Berlin Wall that survive serve as a symbol of freedom over oppression. One of the best part is the East Side Gallery is transformed into an open gallery in 1990. 

Eating and drinking 

1. Spindler and Klatt 

In Spindler and Klatt you can enjoy various dishes such as beef and potatoes sesame. You can find this place in Kopenicker Strasse 16-17. The main menu is available with a price of 12-18 pounds. 

2. Engelbecken 

Engelbecken offers a menu of local organic meats and toast. You can find this restaurant in Witzlebenstrasse 31. The cost of meals to the main menu between 7-18 pounds. 

3. Tartane 

Tartane is a contemporary gastro pub where the ordinary bohemian enjoy burgers and beer K├Âlsch. You can visit Tartane in Torstrasse 225 every Monday-Saturday. The cost to the main menu between 7-15 pounds. 

4. Anna Blume 

Anna Blume is surrounded by the smell of homemade cake, cups of java, and flowers. This cafe has a good patio to see the sights of the city. Main menu prices here between 4-8 pounds.


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