Michael Moreno managed to create a new diet program to help you lose weight forever. This revolutionary diet named 'The 17 Days Diet'.

Dr. Michael wrote a diet in the book titled "The 17 Day Diet." This program consists of four stages, each stage consists of a period of 17 days. Diet also varies as a carbohydrate, protein, and fruits.

Moreno says, "Each stage is run in 17 days because it is the right time before the body begins to recognize patterns of eating as a habit and begin to slow down your metabolism as a result."

"I think it's the only diet that is suitable for everybody," Moreno said, as quoted from ABC News on Thursday (04/07/2011).

"It's also a way to not only focus to move, but also focuses on good digestive health," he said.

The 17 Day Diet is a weight-loss program that was originally designed to avoid weight gain on holiday. However, after being developed, it turns out this program can be applied throughout the year to reduce your weight.

Every 17 days, you will experience and feel the change in what it has you trying to do, "explained Dr Mike.

The following four-step program, The 17 Day Diet:

Stage 1: Speed ​​up weight loss, cleanse and burn fat and inhibit fat storage.
Stage 2: Turn back the body's metabolism.
Stage 3: Developing good eating habits and healthy and appropriate way to get used to eating carbohydrates.
Stage 4: The combination of the three stages above. And, on weekends, you can enjoy your favorite foods.


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