"The Celebrity Apprentice" Season 6 reap great surprise. Highlighting the two stars, Mark McGrath and La Toya Jackson.

In the episode titled "Australian Gold", ie each team Backbone and ASAP commissioned to create the event for the promotion of sunscreen products 'Australian Gold'. Mark and La Toya got in trouble because they were appointed as team leader.

Mark held responsible for the defeat of his team for taking a pirate theme for the event promotion.

Executive Australian Gold, Gary reveals that beauty products can lead to sexual desire and make the executive feel disappointed, that's what became one of the reasons Backbone defeat.

Donald Trump Mark will also hold it. "If my team loses, then I am ready to take responsibility. This is all really my idea."

Donald had replied, "You're fired." Donald ultimatum Gary for being polite and learned to keep talking, or he is going to turn next to be fired.

La Toya
also not be too pleased though ASAP win and grabbed the prize (40,000 dollars). La Toya and her team bring the bikini-clad female models and mascot 'Sydney the Koala' which apparently make Australian Gold executives feel interested. However, Nene Leakes, Marlee Matlin and Star Jones was La Toya had absolutely no talent leader.

"I never said I do not like you," Nene said as quoted by Daily Mail. "This is not a personal problem. It's business. You're not a good leader. The only reason why you can get this far is because of the name behind you (Jackson)."

La Toya,
of course, did not accept. He responded to defend themselves and assert their hard work as a leader. In fact he called Nene as Casper ghost.

"Nene is not nobody. She's just a very rough," said La Toya. "She's big, fat mouth. She uses it for profit."

According to the plan, episode 7 that will appear next week will be titled "Raising the Steaks". Broadcast premiere April 17, the episode will be assigned two teams to compete presents a demonstration event cook for 20 minutes as promo processed products 'Omaha Steaks'. Backbone (Gary Busey) and ASAP (Hope Dworaczyk).


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