50 Cent. Late last year, his home in Connecticut area ever stolen two drunken men. Now, he is back to being the victim of theft to American Express credit card.

A source at the New York Daily News, his fame in Farmington, Connecticut did make Fifty an easy target. Theft of credit cards using his name had been ongoing since 2007 in about five cities in Connecticut including Famington and Hartford.

Late last year, a man calls an electronics company in West Hartford to order two brand flat TVs Sony worth 1000 dollars each. When the customer revealed that she was out of town and asked that the TV was delivered to an address in Hartford, the store manager immediately suspicious and reported the credit card number for American Express.

Apparently the credit card number belonging Fifty. American Express warned for the store to be careful. Disclosed the source, two TV subscribers are then called back to ask about things that have not been sent. Manager then asked that the man took his own order.

Two young men then came to the store with a rental car. As they will take the orders, the police immediately arrested the two men who probably only the messengers.

Lawyer Frank Canace who defended one of the defendants named Daniel Vargas was reluctant to comment because of pending court decision. However, he confirmed that 50 Cent is known as a victim of credit card theft. While Fifty itself also did not say much other than hand over the penalty decision at the court.


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