Just a few days ago showing off "Born This Way" album cover, Lady Gaga again widely criticized. This time the protests came from own fans.

Cover album featuring the figure of GaGa to the front of a big motor, it is not considered attractive by some fans. They were disturbed by the appearance on the cover of the album GaGa. This is a discussion on Twitter.

"NO, THIS MOTORCYCLE IS A STRANGE, "said one fan. Later, other fans, "This better be a work of imitation. Because I do not like album cover."

Associated with a negative response expressed fans, GaGa was deeply disappointed. To work on the album cover, takes about 72 hours.

"I do not believe what has happened here!," wrote GaGa in Twitter. "Very happy and free to share opinions about this to you."

"I always do not feel happy with what I had created," says GaGa. "Although maybe I say that 'Edge Of Glory' is a work of pop's greatest, when all is revealed and resolved would be a scary thing for me and every time I hear it, I also listen to their opinions."


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