Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease caused by wear and tear of joint cartilage erosion. These conditions often lead to pain during hip or knee bend.

These health problems can not be cured completely. However, the four steps, according to the findings following studies can be your guide in controlling OA:

Avoid supplements?
Large study known as revealing gait disappointing findings: Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate does not relieve pain in people with mild arthritis. These new findings further erode the expectations about the benefits of supplements, which not slow cartilage damage in the knee.

Two studies, found one of the best ways against arthritis is to exercise. According to researchers, strength training helps prevent and relieve arthritis in the knee. The result of a review of 18 studies showed that quadriceps strengthening is the key. Use the machine, load the ankle, or strap to add strength training.

Tai chi
When comparing this movement with traditional stretching exercises for arthritis, tai chi proved four times more effective in reducing pain. Proven duplicate repairs, such as walking and standing from a chair.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University tried powdered grapes arthritis sufferers in the mice, mice treated showed symptoms of pain less than rats given placebo. Researchers also found that pain relievers combined with more grape powder could reduce discomfort and swelling compared consumption pills only.


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