California Band, Black Eyed Peas, Tuesday, April 19, they announced that his foundation (Peapod Foundation) will team up with Adobe Foundation to open a music school called "Peapod Adobe Youth Voices, Music And Multimedia Academy" in Manhattan.

These schools accept children adolescents aged 13 to 19 years who want to learn about video production and music. Students who received a recommendation from the student and teacher must have an interest in the field of media, such as cameras, editing and graphic design.

"Our desire to establish a school of music and media, aided by the many young people who want to achieve success," said William, as reported by Billboard. "By registering at Peapod Adobe Youth Voices, Music And Multimedia Academy, the children will gain the skills and drive in accordance with what they need to fulfill their dreams."

Teaching and learning process will be supported by a professional lecturer. Learning system using quality facilities. According to the spokesman, all activities at the school began to run normally around July.

For information, Peapod Foundation is a foundation established by Black Eyed Peas and managed by Entertainment Industry Foundation. While Adobe Foundation is an organization established by the manufacturers software (Acrobat, Flash and Photoshop), Adobe Systems Inc.. Both institutions are also responsible for running the same school in the area of ​​California, Los Angeles, Oakland and Redwood City.


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