London - Coming to the end of Premier League 2010/2011, rumors circulated in Arsenal. Cesc Fabregas, is rumored to be immediately sold.

Quoted in The Sun, a source in the club revealed that after almost eight years to defend Arsenal, Fabregas will be sold by Arsene Wenger for 35 million pounds, after it purchased only with a value of 500,000 Pounds Sterling from Barcelona in 2003.

"He has been with us for eight years and has shown tremendous loyalty," said Arsenal's internal sources.

Earlier in an interview in Spain, Fabregas disappointed with Arsenal just never lifted a trophy, FA Cup 2005.

"I think Fabregas has been playing with us for as long as he can, " the source added.

The fact that Arsenal is almost certainly again failed to win a trophy this season seems to increasingly strengthen Fabregas intention to leave.

Wenger was apparently would not mind as when Fabregas negotiable Barcelona last season because the French coach has now had Jack Wilshere, midfielder Fabregas class style game.

If the later is really removed, Fabregas is likely to return to the club who raised him, Barcelona. Last season Barcelona bid for 23 million pounds, was rejected by Wenger.


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