The presence of the music video "Judas" which will launch on "American Idol" next week. Lady GaGa gives a little story of "Judas", which is expressed through the video.

"In essence, this video tells the story of a forgiveness and betrayal of interrelated between each other," commentator GaGa via an interview on MSN Entertainment Canada. "The video was put destiny above all and in fact all types of errors in your live is not an actual sin, they are only part of the overall potential of your destiny."

GaGa also explained that he used the concept in the Gospel and culture as a reference in music video "Judas". GaGa want to let each scene in the video that tells itself about that concept.

Lady GaGa will lead his followers to meet Jesus somewhere. The scene that was later called as a form of celebration on the level of one's faith.

"Okay, I'm not going to say that actually in my school to provide information if this song was written and recorded specifically," says GaGa. "Judas, is a metaphor and analogy of a forgiveness and betrayal, and all the things that haunt your life. And I believe as the darkness in your life, which in turn will illuminate your way."


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