Lady GaGa fascinating look at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on April 28. He was wearing tight clothes colored blue, singing "Judas". Lady GaGa nearly naked while Singing. Reported by Entertainment Weekly, GaGa also presents an interesting and attractive choreography along with the dancers.

Before starting, GaGa talks about fame and concert tour, "Monster Balls". GaGa said, very excited to undergo a series of tour dates and as an important event.

"I think there are misconceptions and I think sometimes we all also never feel it," says GaGa. "I really appreciate myself and invite you to be excited about the wonders that exist within you. I'm in the middle of the journey between reality and fantasy, and it explains who I was, at once a source of inspiration for me."

On the other hand, GaGa was also told of his experiences during the show held in New York. Earlier, singer 25-year note was crying behind the stage and claimed himself as a loser. Regarding this, GaGa admitted his emotions were overwhelming because could not hide his nervousness at the same time a fervent spirit appeared at Madison Square Garden.

Lady Gaga's World Premiere Performance of 'Judas' in 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', video:


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