Lady GaGa is rumored to be appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on April 28. GaGa also discusses the role at the Grammy event.

Interscope Records announced that the music video "Judas" will be aired on "American Idol" season 10 on May 2.

"Very excited about showing my new single 'Judas' for the first time on Ellen on Thursday!" GaGa wrote on Twitter. "GaGa will do it. Pop Culture is our religion."

"Judas" tells the story of a woman who has repeatedly fallen in love with the wrong man. GaGa acted as Mary Magdalene, Judas will be played by Norman Reedus.

"This is a phenomenal music videos, very strong and has a big impact," said Laurieann told MTV. "GaGa very great musician. loyalty to me is something that makes me always feel grateful. We have a spiritual connection."

GaGa also will appear at May 21 episode of the show "Saturday Night Live"by Justin Timberlake. On May 27, GaGa is scheduled to appear on "Good Morning America" to begin the summer concert performances.


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