April 24, Green Day closed the Broadway show with their last appearance. An hour they act rocked the stage with bringing 10 hits, "Longview" and "Welcome to Paradise" from the second album, "Dookie" (1994), "Holiday" and "Letterbomb" equally into the seven tracks on the album, "American Idiot"(2004).

Reported by Rolling Stone, the most memorable of the show is when the players musical drama 'American Idiot' Green Day to enjoy performances by dancing and drinking beer. They carried away by the festive atmosphere brought by Green Day.

On stage, Green Day riveting audiences through "Holiday". Billy Joe Armstrong, kicked off the stage with an attractive style. They seem so full of energy when playing music that was punk-rock.

Broadway musical "American Idiot" was held at Theatre St. James, New York. The show about the lives of three teenage amazing but small town. When they grow up, one of them joined the army and other youth moved to the big city and become drug addicts. While one person the rest prefer to be a father. You can free download video from YouTube.

Watch Green Day's appearance at the Theatre St. James, New York video:


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