Avril Lavigne in mind is busy preparing for his concert tour. According to the plan, at the end of this month Avril will Asia tour.

However, there is one thing that makes Avril hesitate to appear. She found it difficult to make a list of songs that will be delivered. In fact, Avril was worried that at the time of the concert later she was unable to control emotions. According to Avril several singles that became a list of tracks on the album is very emotional.

"I plan to bring the song 'Push'," said Avril to Music Rooms. "My favorite song from that album is 'Goodbye'. That was the last song but I do not know if I would sing it. I also love the song 'Push' and I hope the record company will release it. If you have never listened to the song 'Goodbye', then get ready Get ready. "

"Goodbye" reveal about desire to give up something that has happened and the decision to continue living. Meanwhile, "Push", Avril tells of the love affair that at once illustrates the fragility.

Concert tour organized to support the album "Goodbye Lullaby", scheduled to be held in several countries in Asia.


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