Lady GaGa need to fight hard. Despite success, adolescence is still dwells in the hearts of GaGa.

"I sometimes still feel like a loser in high school girl and I must encourage myself when I was a star every morning so I can get through the day and present to my fans whenever they need," says GaGa sobs accompanied in the video footage behind the HBO documentary film concert stage "Monster's Ball Tour" which was held at Madison Square Garden, New York. "Sometimes I still feel if people want to destroy me."

GaGa always struggled to fight for the fate of children who meet the same fate or the minorities such as gays and lesbians. "I felt people could not understand me. Excuse me. I really want to be queen for my fans and I'm a champion," says GaGa.

Before the concert in New York, GaGa prayer, pleading with the spirit of the show to be held successfully.

"Give me strength to be a winner for them all (Little Monsters) and not just for myself. Please help me to be strong and aware of my strengths," says GaGa for HBO special event on May 7, "Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden. " "Help me to be courageous, God. Oh God give me courage. Do not let me give up on myself the anxiety."

GaGa revealed that she often became months thereafter his friends. They called GaGa as a fat girl and laughing at his appearance.

"I have a big nose, brown hair is very curly and I am overweight," she said during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

New Teaser for Lady Gaga's HBO Special, video:


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