Latest Game Battlefield: Bad Company, a competitor Call of Duty. Games that have entered the third sequel is about war.

Battlefield 3 tells the supremacy of the military forces. Devices war displayed more close to reality a weapon of war, mixed with movement, and nuance.

Battlefield 3 story of Sergeant Henry Blackburn starts his team are sent to the border with Iraq and Iran. They were assigned to keep the peace. However, in practice, one soldier missing Blackburn.

They try to find the missing soldiers. But it emerged that is a dangerous rebel groups and organized. Open war was inevitable.

Battlefield 3 served for many player. Battlefield 3 could involve 64 players on computers and 24 people on the console.

EA and Activision, producers of Battlefield 3 is committed to market this game, in the midst of the many interactive games. Even the two companies have undertaken the $ 200 million for the success of the war game.


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