Rivalry of two brothers who are both boxers. "Warrior" competition brings two brothers in a ring set in world boxing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Tom Conlon, a former United States naval forces, haunted by memories of her past will be tragic. He then returned to his hometown in Pittsburgh and asked her father, Paddy, to train him to face the MMA world championship. His brother, Brendan, a former boxer who has competed in MMA. Brendan despised by Tom and his father.

Just like Tom, Brendan is also eager to win in MMA. Two brothers who keep this distance to finally meet in the ring to fight for their principles. The one fighting for the country, the one by the family.

"Warrior" will be released around September. The film directed by Gavin O'Connor starring Tom Hardy (Tom Conlon), Jennifer Morrison (Tess Conlon), Joel Edgerton (Brendan Conlon), Nick Nolte (Paddy and Frank Grillo (Frank Campana).

"Warrior" trailer:


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