Keiko Fujimori will fight in Peru's presidential election on June 5. Keiko Fujimori confident of winning the election. Keiko will be Peru's first female president and follow in the footsteps of his father, Alberto Fujimori.

Sunday ( 4/10/2011), Keiko claims that getting a place in the election. Although no relevant confirmation of that.

Keiko already have enough experience in politics in Peru. At the age of 19 years, Keiko had acted as "first lady" to accompany his father, Alberto Fujimori, following the divorce of their parents.

Keiko promised to stop criminal violence in Peru, including the reintroduction of capital punishment and prevention of corruption.

"My heart was sliced ​​with poverty," Keiko shouted to supporter.

Keiko is a popular congressman in Peru. She became a member of congress winning the most votes in elections 2006 and received support fujimorist about 20 percent of voters.

However, Keiko accused of involvement in corruption. She is also accused of receiving funds from the cocaine trade to fund his campaign. In addition, she achieved a bachelor's degree from the University of the United States (U.S.), allegedly financed by state money.


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