Tokyo - Japan's nuclear radiation crisis is likely to achieve the highest level (Level 7), like Chernobyl rating. Conditions that prompted the government to expand the evacuation zone.

NHK reported, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency raise the rating of radiation to a level 7 and will announce further decisions at a press conference today. Just so you know, an accident that occurred on the Tokyo Electric Power Co. station currently located on level 5 on a global scale. This position is similar to a melt reactor incident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania.

Nuclear power plants are located at about 220 kilometers north of Tokyo. Nuclear crisis is happening right now is the worst disaster since an earthquake measuring 9 Richter scale is accompanied by the tsunami in Japan.

Today, an earthquake measuring 6.4 Richter scale rocked back Chiba, which lies east of Tokyo. The quake caused high-rise buildings swayed. The quake followed a magnitude 6.6 earthquake magnitude 7.1 Richter scale yesterday and on April 7.


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