"Thor" - According to the director Kenneth Branagh, who made the film so great is the merger between action and love stories of Thor and his lover Dr. Jane Foster.

Also recognized by Natalie Portman as Jane. "Thor who came to Earth from another planet and his meeting with Jane, is an interesting idea and unexpected," said Natalie.

The video also showed images both beautiful and majestic of Asgard, where Thor came. Not only that, also disclosed the process of making a small town located in New Mexico.

"It's a beautiful place I ever went to," said Natalie. Meanwhile, Thor-Chris Hemsworth, consider two sites, where stranded in the kingdom of Asgard Thor was in stark contrast. Jaimie Alexander, admitted amazed and cried every time you watch the fight scenes that make the location to be destroyed. "I do not want the location was destroyed," said Jaimie.

"Thor" tells the story of warrior world of Asgard, Thor, who banished to Earth by his father god Odin (Anthony Hopkins), for being arrogant to reignite a long war. Arriving on Earth, Thor falls in love with a beautiful young scientist Jane Foster. In exile, Thor then realized what makes a person can become a true hero when the most dangerous enemy of the world to send troops to dominate the Earth. According to the plan, Paramount Pictures film will be released around May.

See the video behind "Thor" scenes:


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