The 2011 NCAA Championship Game, UConn vs Butler begins 9:23 a.m. ET, April 4. Tip-off is set for 9.00 pm ET, Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Which team completes the journey and win the 2011 NCAA Championship Game?

The Butler Bulldogs are to win their first championship in school history.

Matt Howard has an uncanny ability to make the right play in the final seconds of the do-or-die ball games. He never tried to do too much with the ball and has three-point range, UConn must make him uncomfortable front guard on the perimeter. He has a bad skill of picking up two fouls in the first half, it loses a little of the ultra-aggressive.

"Not only the Huskies have several frontcourt players, especially 6-9 sophomore center Alex Oriakhi the Howard on the glass can be challenging, but UConn guards have also be programmed to drive the wheels in an effort to draw fouls. No one is more is an expert in this as Kemba Walker, who attempted 42 free throws in an amazing NCAA tournament, "said Seth Davis.

Howard will be extremely careful because he does not sit on the bench with foul trouble.

Kemba Walker had never before encountered in the defensive intensity of the Bulldogs and to be very uncomfortable at the beginning of his shot down. Do not be surprised to see on a 5-0f-16 shooting performance.

UConn starts two freshman and a second album and we do for you to a slow start as the butterflies the Huskies stomachs affected. Butler plays to mitigate slowdown style basketball and the possessions of the game.

Howard seals the deal with a key offensive rebound and down the route.

Butler 66 - UConn 59

Butler takes a victory ...and be champions.


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