London - On paper, Real Madrid is more favored to be able to qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions League than Tottenham Hotspur. But in the eyes of Arsene Wenger, the Spurs also have a chance to win.

From the technical size, Madrid is superior over the Spurs because they have the best players in the world. Not to mention when talking history: Real Madrid have nine titles, the Spurs nil. In fact this is his first Spurs in the Champions League.

Even so, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who is of the opinion that the Spurs also have a chance. He gave examples such as when his team is so underdogs to face Barcelona.

"It's very open. Who would not be defeated? If all goes well, Barcelona would have eliminated this time," commented Wenger was quoted as saying the Guardian.

"If it was still 11 versus 11 (players), I believe it," said Wenger is apparently still not received the red card which happened when Arsenal's Robin van Persie were treated to Barca in 2nd leg 1/8 final.

Spurs have the advantage of a schedule because they will play away first in the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (06/04/2011) pm dawn, before it hosts a week ago.

"There is no reason the Spurs could not beat Madrid. Madrid loses because play pen in the first leg and Spurs are very strong at home. It is a 50-50 duel,"said Wenger.


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