Manchester United Win (1-0) at Stamford Bridge rather than the safe, and Patrice Evra know it. He even refers to Manchester United and Chelsea's chances are still as great.

Manchester United succeeded in making a single goal victory thanks to Wayne Rooney in the 24th minute.

MU had a good capital to face the second match at Old Trafford next week. Last season, The Red Devils had defeated 1-2 at home.

"We won the first time at Stamford Bridge since 2002 and it is my first win there, so I'm very pleased. The most important is we won and we do a good job," he said at MU official site.

"But this match was not completed. Still 50:50. We get results with an away victory, but I have much respect for Chelsea. United and Chelsea are the biggest team in the Premiership and they have always been the strongest rival in the hunt for the title of champion."

"That's why I think that this is not yet finished. But the plus side is that we always achieve a good result at Old Trafford, so we believe can win again."

If you can beat Chelsea, Manchester United will be closer to the final Champions League. Evra speaks about the possibility of his team to be able to Treble Winner.

"We're not talking about winning the Treble, we were just talking about winning the game. When you wear a costume Man United, you will try to win every game by giving 100 percent of your ability, so."

"If we win the Treble, then I'll be the happiest man in the world, but that's not what we saw. We see from one game to another game. Every action is final and we try to win everything," he said.


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