Barcelona in a good position. Pep Guardiola, trying extra hard to ensure his players are not too confident.

Barca was stepped closer to the champions, while Real Madrid away.

Make Barca will successfully defend the La Liga. In the Champions League is predicted to pass, which will deal with Shakhtar.

Guardiola would worry if Barca instead lulled. "Not a lot of talk about Shakhtar and people even told leagues (Spain) has won (Barcelona)," he said at the Reuters.

"The feeling that I was not feeling good," complained Guardiola.

Thus he insisted Barca must stay focused, in order to achieve maximum results against Shakhtar in Nou Camp on Thursday (04/07/2011).

"We have to play well or this party will be complicated. I've told the players if we have to focus because it would be dangerous if the party should be resolved in away games."

"They are a good team, super team of highly aggressive. They survive very well and their performance like animals. They finish above Arsenal in the group," added Guardiola warned.


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