Washington - After three days of spring hit by the deadly storm, 22 people were found dead in southern U.S. and some other states also threatened by the storm that moved into the eastern region.

Four people were killed in North Carolina. Hurricane also destroyed a nearby church in South Carolina, though six people were reported trapped in the church survived.

The 14 victims were killed was found in Alabama and Arkansas, two others in Oklahoma, and one in Mississippi and one other victim was killed by wildfires triggered by storms in Texas.

A mechanic in Raleigh said he took refuge in his truck when the storm hit.

"It was a terrible storm," said Bryan Jackson. "I saw the roof shook and then split and eventually disappeared brought a storm".

The area south of the city of Raleigh is now full of garbage with the condition of the former storm uprooted telephone poles, broken glass and debris from the roof.


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