Diet: Best Tips and Plan

Best Diet Tips and Diet Plan
Here are nine tips on the best diet:

1. Drink enough water and non-caloric beverages other.

2. Snacks will you eat at night, like a pack of biscuits, fruit is the best option.

3. Fixed enjoy your favorite foods, eaten with a portion should be.

4. Eat some healthy snacks when the daylight, so as not hungry when going to lunch.

5. Eat foods that contain protein.

6. Season your food with spice mixture spicy, so it will be quickly satisfied when enjoying the meal.

7. Prepare a high nutritious food, such as fruits, nuts or chips, tortillas or bread wheat.

8. Messages menu with child portions when ordering food in a restaurant or a restaurant. Can help you to reduce the bit portions. Or use a small plate when eating, psychologically your mind would be satisfied because the food is more visible.

9. Rates of heavy meals such as rice or pasta with fresh vegetables. You can eliminate 100-200 calories in your daily menu by swapping rice or pasta with vegetables.


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