Diets - If your weight remains constant or decreased only modestly, perhaps you made some small mistakes. To help you check your diet, here are some mistakes you might do and solutions:

1. Depending on extreme diets
Extreme dieting by restricting your calorie intake to less than 1000 per day, you can lose weight quickly. Eating fewer calories, train system for working with slow metabolism. When the diet is finished, your body will still burn calories by how slow. As a result, weight gain can be quicker.

2. Avoiding breakfast
Caused hunger throughout the day will make you more consumption snack and lunch with a larger portion. Try eating foods rich in protein and fiber in the morning to reduce hunger throughout. Study found that those who eat breakfast more able to maintain a healthy weight than those who do not.

3. Snack excess
Snack that you consume. Often forget the many small snack such as ice cream or potato chips while working. To avoid, you can provide a small diary to record the food you eat.

4. Avoiding snacks
Snack uncontrolled can destroy your diet. Those who ate some food and snacks in small portions a day can control hunger and weight. Snacks help to keep your metabolism working optimally. Nuts are a good choice. Studies show those who eat nuts tend to be slimmer than those who do not.

5. Fulfilling a diet with low-fat foods
Foods low in fat plays a role in the success of the diet. If you consume in large quantities, the number of calories it would be much smaller than the food with the amount of normal fat. To determine the amount of fat, sugar, and calories, make sure you read food labels.

6. Adding calories to a drink
Counting calories, often do not take into drinks. Type coffee and soft drinks containing more than 500 calories. Liquid calories will not make you full so that the amount of solid food you will still be the same.


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