A plate of donuts? Research shows, oil can improve heart muscle and reduce the amount of damage during a heart attack. To Daily Mail, Lauren Haar of the University of Cincinnati said, "This suggests that high-fat foods have the ability to help the heart function."

U.S. researchers conducted the test by giving rats a balanced diet and the other rats underwent a high-fat diet for 24 hours, 6 weeks. Monitored his condition when the heart attack.

Looking at the relationship between fatty foods and heart disease.

Rats that eat fatty foods for two weeks suffered a mild heart attack category. Mice that undergo normal daily diet suffer heart attacks 70 percent lower than the animals given normal food.

Jack Rubinstein, heart disease expert, said, "Now, after you've had a heart attack, will generally recommended low-fat diet, but we thought that maybe it was not appropriate."

He also warns that too many fatty foods can clog arteries and cause heart attacks. Therefore, you should keep your diet balanced.


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