Past five years, enzyme therapy is an effective treatment of autism. Performed with the advanced treatment of the digestive system, nervous, and immune system which is then associated with the use of certain enzymes.

Most children with autism have difficulty consumption some foods, like milk, and problems in the digestive system. To overcome this, there are several products that contain protease enzymes, which could break down milk protein and gluten.

Enzyme therapy has been rapid and inexpensive, high cure rates. Results can be seen during the first four weeks with one bottle.

If you plan to do enzyme therapy, determine the first category. Does your child have trouble digesting proteins and thus require protease, amylase needed to break down carbohydrates, the problem with the fungus Candida which respond to the digestive enzyme, lactase or difficulty responding. Determine the most appropriate category for your child and choose the most suitable enzyme. Most families with children who have developmental delays tend to get the best results by using one product at every meal along with a protease product.

The mechanism of enzyme therapy for children with autism actually provide treatment based on symptoms and causes.


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