Gwyneth Paltrow always appear with golden blond hair in any event. However, She is now going to change her hair style and color for the new episodes on FOX TV series, "Glee" season 2.

As reported by Daily Mail, Gwyneth change the style of a woman dressed it in the context of past episodes of "A Night of neglect", Gwyneth will teach areas of history. She will appear to bring the British singer Adele's single, "Turning Tables". Gwyneth addition, young singer Charice plan also will be back at the episode as Sunshine
Corazon brought single Celine Dion, "All by Myself".

"A Night of neglect" will be premiered in the United States, Tuesday, April 19. Narrated, kids club "Glee" trying to raise funds privately. However, when Sue (Jane Lynch) heard it, She decided to block the plan.


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